Naturopathic Doctor Silver Lake

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor Silver Lake
A naturopathic doctor offers a holistic approach to your health. Rather than treating symptoms in isolation, Dr. Nishant Rao provides a functional medicine methodology that views the body as a series of interrelated systems. These systems impact one another. An imbalance in one will often spread and affect other symptoms, creating a constellation of symptoms that are interrelated, though they may not immediately appear to be related. At Los Angeles Integrative Medicine patients get comprehensive healthcare focused on eliminating the source of health conditions. Dr. Rao also focus on educating patients on ways they can prevent future flare-ups.

What can you expect from a naturopathic doctor?

As stated above, a naturopathic doctor offers a whole-person approach to improving overall health as a means of reducing or eliminating disease and chronic health conditions. Additional benefits of working with a naturopathic doctor include

  • finding natural ways of improving health while still being able to make use of pharmaceutical medications when needed;
  • spending quality time getting to know the unique state of an individual’s health;
  • receiving education to take control of your own health;
  • focusing on preventative treatment that keeps a body in balance and reduces the risk of symptoms returning;
  • utilizing diagnostics aimed at finding the root cause of a symptom or condition, rather than a symptom-focused approach;
  • receiving whole-body care addressing the inter-relatedness of systems and the symptoms they cause when off balance;
  • receiving fluid, on-going care that adjusts as the body heals and responds to treatment.

Naturopathic Doctor Silver Lake CA

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An important part of the process of seeing a naturopathic doctor is the original intake. Dr. Rao spends time interviewing his patients to identify the many items that may interact their health. This includes things like getting an inventory of the typical foods a person eats, the possible toxins he or she is exposed to, the conditions common in his or her family history, and the individual’s fitness habits.

Dr. Rao will review existing medical records and will likely order lab testing to further fill in a complete picture of an individual’s current health. This information helps him identify areas of imbalance so he can develop a treatment plan uniquely aimed at restoring balance and alleviating the source of conditions that are causing symptoms.

Some disorders Dr. Rao specializes in include:

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