Naturopathic Doctor Sherman Oaks

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor Sherman Oaks
Dr. Nishant Rao, a naturopathic doctor near Sherman Oaks, has expertise in herbal science, therapeutic bodywork, and serves on the board for the The Institute for Natural Medicine. He he focuses on helping patients find lasting relief from their symptoms and conditions by finding their root source and creating treatment plans that address prevention as well as alleviation. Call today for an appointment at Los Angeles Integrative Medicine and put yourself on a path to long-term health.


Dr. Rao offers a holistic approach to healthcare that is based in functional medicine. This method views healthcare as an integrative practice. When one system is out of balance it has an impact on other, inter-related systems. These other systems wind up out of balance as well and often create additional symptoms that an individual may not realize are related to the original imbalance. Functional medicine addresses the relationship between systems by treating the whole body. Its focus is a holistic approach that gets at symptoms by concentrating on their source.

Dr. Rao spends time getting to know his patients and their history. He provides a comprehensive examination that includes a detailed interview, lab testing, and a review of prior medical records. He gets a sense of the individuals stress levels, exposure to toxins, dietary and exercise habits, and family history. This creates a complete picture of where a patient’s health is out of balance and where the original causes lie.

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How can a naturopathic doctor improve your health?

As stated above, a naturopathic doctor offers a whole-person approach to improving overall health as a means of reducing Naturopathic Doctor Sherman Oaks CAor eliminating disease and chronic health conditions. Additional benefits of working with a naturopathic doctor include

  • finding natural ways of improving health while still being able to make use of pharmaceutical medications when needed;
  • spending quality time getting to know the unique state of an individual’s health;
  • receiving education to take control of your own health;
  • focusing on preventative treatment that keeps a body in balance and reduces the risk of symptoms returning;
  • utilizing diagnostics aimed at finding the root cause of a symptom or condition, rather than a symptom-focused approach;
  • receiving whole-body care addressing the inter-relatedness of systems and the symptoms they cause when off balance;
  • receiving fluid, on-going care that adjusts as the body heals and responds to treatment.

Dr. Rao helps patients with conditions such as:

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