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Naturopathic Doctor Pasadena
Seeing a naturopathic doctor is about more than alleviating symptoms and getting disease-focused treatment. At Los Angeles Integrative Medicine patients receive a comprehensive full-body approach to healthcare. The goal of Dr. Nishant Rao, a naturopathic doctor near Pasadena, is to find the cause of imbalance that is creating a condition or constellation of symptoms and deliver a treatment plan that both addresses the immediate symptoms as well as long-term prevention. He educates patients, empowering them on ways of improving their own health and wellbeing.

When medical providers solely offer medication to alleviate symptoms, they do not diagnose the cause of the symptom. This creates a dependence on the medication, alone, as treatment. This method of symptom-based treatment does not offer the patient a way of preventing the condition from reoccurring. Dr. Rao makes use of pharmaceuticals to reduce symptoms for immediate results, when necessary, but he also focuses on natural ways of restoring balance to the body.

Disease is created from imbalance. The imbalance in one system will eventually affect other systems, thereby creating new, and often seemingly unrelated, symptoms. Our naturopathic doctor offers a comprehensive review of a person’s current health, health history, family history, eating habits, lifestyle, exposure to toxins, stress level, and more. He generally includes lab testing for food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, nutrient absorption, and other relevant factors.

Naturopathic Doctor Pasadena CA

Once a full picture of a person’s health is gathered, Dr. Rao works with a person to create a treatment plan. This may include things like implementing an elimination diet to improve GI health and hormone levels to address weight gain, anxiety, and insomnia, as an example.

Often finding the culprit behind imbalance allows a person to restore their health in multiple areas. Dr. Rao educates his patients throughout the process so they can continue to be in control of their ongoing wellbeing.


Some of the conditions Dr. Rao specializes in are:

How can our naturopathic doctor near Pasadena help?

  • finding natural ways of improving health while still being able to make use of pharmaceutical medications when needed;
  • spending quality time getting to know the unique state of an individual’s health;
  • receiving education to take control of your own health;
  • focusing on preventative treatment that keeps a body in balance and reduces the risk of symptoms returning;
  • utilizing diagnostics aimed at finding the root cause of a symptom or condition, rather than a symptom-focused approach;
  • receiving whole-body care addressing the inter-relatedness of systems and the symptoms they cause when off balance;
  • receiving fluid, on-going care that adjusts as the body heals and responds to treatment.

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