Naturopathic Doctor Glendale CA

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor Glendale CA
A naturopathic doctor works differently than many traditional physicians may by taking a whole-body, whole-person approach to healthcare. The focus is on improving an individual’s overall health as a series of interrelated system, rather than treating symptoms in isolation. Our naturopathic doctor in Glendale, CA at Los Angeles Integrative Medicine makes use of both natural and pharmaceutical options when devising a comprehensive treatment plan for a patient.

Why see a naturopathic doctor in Glendale, CA?

Spend time getting to know you, your lifestyle, family history, dietary and activity habits, stress levels, exposure to toxins, as well as possible testing for things like hormone balance, GI health, and food sensitivities, gives a naturopathic doctor a well-rounded picture of your health and wellbeing. This allows the doctor to identify relationships between constellations of symptoms and their causes. A naturopathic doctor goes beyond reducing whatever is currently diminishing your health to find preventative solutions.

This focus on interrelated, self-sustaining health is an advancement from the disease-centered methodologies still practiced today. Strong health is dependent on a strong immune system, good gastrointestinal health, a healthy emotional state, balanced levels of hormones and blood sugar, healthy weight, low-to-reasonable levels of stress, proper sleep, and more. A naturopathic doctor observers the unique makeup of each system to find ways of improving them as an interrelated whole. Just as a system out of balance will have a negative impact on other systems, so too will the improvement of each system strengthen the others.

What are the benefits of seeing a naturopathic doctor?

As stated above, a naturopath offers a whole-person approach to improving overall health as a means of reducing or eliminating disease and chronic health conditions. Additionally, a naturopathic doctor offers:

  • natural ways of improving health while still being able to make use of pharmaceutical medications when needed;
  • quality time getting to know the unique state of an individual’s health;
  • education to take control of your own health;
  • preventative-focused treatment that keeps a body in balance and reduces the risk of symptoms returning;
  • diagnostics aimed at finding the root cause of a symptom or condition, rather than a symptom-focused approach;
  • whole-body care addressing the inter-relatedness of systems and the symptoms they cause when off balance;
  • fluid, on-going care that adjusts as the body heals and responds to treatment.

How is Dr. Rao different?

Dr. Nishant Rao uses a functional medicine approach to diagnostics and treatment. Functional medicine considers all factors that contribute to a person’s health in order to identify the root causes of imbalance. His goal is to apply this systems-oriented holistic treatment to restore natural balance. Patients may be unaware of the ways their gastrointestinal health impacts mental and emotional functions or the relationship between healthy hormones and healthy weight. Seeking to balance a body’s interconnected systems allows that body to naturally maintain its full range of wellness.Naturopathic Doctor Glendale California

Dr. Rao, a naturopathic doctor in Glendale, CA, gets to know his patients. He works with each individual to educate him or her on things like exclusionary diets, medication options, ways of improving GI health, reducing stress hormones, and exposure to toxins. Coming from a method that centers around prevention is especially useful for chronic diseases, such as autoimmune disorders, which other physicians may only apply symptom-management rather than preventative care.

Understanding your current state of health allows you to take charge of your own wellbeing. You deserve more than simply taking medication for symptom abatement. Our naturopathic doctor in Glendale, CA helps you achieve long-term results for improved overall health.

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